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Fringe: Improvised @ Montreal Improv for Montreal Fringe

Hot off of her Just For Laughs Homegrown win and JFL42 headlining shows, D.J. Mausner joins her long time comedy partner and OFF-JFL/ Zoofest darling David Kaufman for 6 performances of improvised hilarity. After improvising in the Montreal Fringe Festival for the past two years with Camp Wanapoke and Precinct (nominated for Best Comedy in 2017), as well as performing in ATM: The Musical (winner of Best Comedy in 2016) which Mausner also co-wrote and musically directed, these performers, known for their expertly improvised sad sacks, goofballs, and contemptible misfits, go solo with the world premiere of their Fringe: Improvised format.

Using nothing but a suggestion from the audience, Kaufman and Mausner will create a brand-new fringe show each performance, improvising thought provoking narratives of love and loss all while lovingly poking fun at classic fringe tropes. Expect long monologues. Expect laboured choreography. Expect a heavy handed moral. Most of all, expect to laugh.

Show dates include:

  • June 8 - 11:30PM
  • June 9 - 9:45PM
  • June 10 - 6PM
  • June 14 - 9:30PM
  • June 16 - 3:30PM
  • June 17 - 9:30PM

Tickets available on the Montreal Fringe Website.