Montreal Rampage: Fringe Festival Round Up

During Montreal Fringe 2016, Montreal Rampage gave ATM: The Musical (a show I co-wrote, musically directed, and acted in) a very nice review that included the lines "Mausner, in a cross-gendered performance, had a great set of pipes for belting out tunes" and "For those who love the improvisational, all-heart, let-the-good-times-role spirit of [Theatre Sainte Catherine], this piece delivers."

Re: 'cross-gendered performance', I played a porn obsessed teenage boy genius. Read the full review here.

Her Campus: Courtney Kassel and D.J. Mausner of BYOJ

While attending McGill University, I performed with the sketch troupe BYOJ (or Bring Your Own Juice). In my last year, I was the producer. Her Campus did a profile on Courtney Kassel, the head writer, and I. Prior to a brief interview they write, "these two hilarious ladies are changing the comedy game- not only within the McGill community but in Montreal as a whole."

You can read the full piece here.