NOW Toronto: Toronto SketchFest 2019 review- Soul Decision, D.J. Mausner and more

After attending my solo sketch show, Glenn Sumi gave me four out of a possible five N’s and had some more nice things to say. He wrote:

D.J. Mausner's credits include Just For Laughs, JFL42 and writing for Baroness von Sketch, and she's done stand-up, sketch and improv. All of that was evident from her remarkable solo show March 13 at Comedy Bar (rating: NNNN).

Frank and fearless, Mausner enjoys taking the piss out of entitled and delusional straight males whose inarticulate ramblings mask deep misogyny. There's her angry spokesperson for Bad Boy furniture, or her weeping, increasingly drunk travel vlogger whose banal list of the best tourist spots reminds him of his ex. Most effective is her incel, who delivers a fucked-up song (complete with the chorus: "Reddit Reddit Reddit") that reveals his incestuous feelings towards his mom. 

I haven't mentioned the liquid props Mausner uses to enhance her characters' desperation (and instill a bit of fear in the audience members in the front row).

This is razor sharp, disturbing, relevant and cathartic satire from one of the most exciting young comics I've seen in years. She's also got plenty of range, such as her bizarre pet shelter owner (I think) who (nice detail) seems on the verge of sneezing every few seconds. And her song about the deaths of Sandy and Danny from Grease – sung to Summer Nights – was hilariously twisted and cleverly written. 

I can't wait to see where she goes.”

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