VICE Canada: This Comedian Wants Performers to Boycott Just For Laughs

I won a taping for The Comedy Network by placing first at the Homegrown Comics Competition at Just For laughs in 2017. 

I turned it down because Rozon resigning is a surface level solution for a systemic problem.

If Rozon truly did resign (and wasn't fired) JFL has done virtually nothing to:
-address keeping him on after he was charged in a court of law for sexually assaulting a 19 year old in 1998
-offer a statement recognizing their role in enabling 20+ alleged assaults (by allowing him to keep his job) brought forward by Les Couragueses, as at least 9 happened on festival grounds or in relation to his business/position at the festival (…/510755/gilbert-rozon-demission)
-publicly announce a plan of action to reform their sexual harassment/assault reporting procedure, or implementation of revamped training to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace
-put forward suggestions of proactive efforts to value women, like addressing the disparity between female/ non-binary identifying performers to male performers in JFL proper shows (as we now make up >30%)

Canadian comedians need the credits JFL can offer. I don't want to burn the institution to the ground- I just want it to give a shit about the women/nonbinary people who work at it, perform at it, and attend it. My hope is that going public may get the wheels turning.

This article/interview explains my stance. Massive thanks to Celeste for doing all of the work necessary to put this article together and get it published. She's a god, give her your money at her website here.

Read the piece here.