rapp battlez

Rap From Rapp Battlez 95

I was MC Mommies Little Girl up against MC Mommies Little Boy in a comedy rap battle where we perform in character. Below is my rap (I won).

The show's poster.

The show's poster.

Dave, you’d never understand
the mother-daughter connection.
We’re twins but watch yourself, 
I’ll give your neck a c-section

Mothers love fill me with strength
to perform Dave’s verbal funeral.
What’s that mommy?
Yeah you’re right, I should have eaten him in utero. 

I didn’t choose to be born after you,
you act like I co-opted.
But if we weren’t twins, 
I would swear you were adopted

Four minutes older, so four minutes wiser?
Those smarts must be a curse. 
You think that makes you special?
I think mom wanted you out first.

I dream of the day science will progress
To allow me to go back in.
To live inside my mommy
Between her front and her back skin. 

To be an adult baby, 
living in her adult womb.
Like a human pizza pocket
or a living mommy tomb. 

So don’t tell me you love mommy
when you know I love her most. 
Cause if I had mommy jelly, 
I’d eat it with mommy toast. 

I may not be bright, but you can see I’m right, 
or righter than my brother. 
My names Donna and I’m signing off,
word to my mother.